Welcome to the Mosque

How nice of you to come and have a look in our webshop!

Atmosphere & Brocante ‘t Moskje, a mix of old and new, real flea market, tough, rural, green decoration but above all love and passion… In short, a wonderful atmosphere for in and around your home.
Because it is so important that your house is a home!

The combination of old and new… Old used objects that have already had a life, but now give our house such a wonderful atmosphere.

New items that are selected with great care because they have to fit perfectly with the atmosphere of ‘t Moskje.
But real brocante, that makes our hearts beat faster … for more than 17 years!
We roam around a lot, in our own country but also very regularly abroad!

The webshop is replenished at least once a week and it is handy that you can shop 24/7 😉
Orders are shipped every working day.
You can also pick up your order, please contact us to make an appointment!

Do you have any questions or suggestions? Please feel free to contact us.

Have fun in the webshop!

Love, Aaf

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